Monarch NICE 3000+ Series Offers Enhanced Features Compared to NICE 3000 Series

Monarch NICE 3000+ Series Offers Enhanced Features Compared to NICE 3000 Series

Monarch NICE 3000+ series, an upgraded version of the NICE 3000 series, boasts several new features and improvements, including support for all non-standard protocols, automatic customization of factory parameters through an LCD operator, and multiple password protection. In addition, the 3000+ series offers enhanced versatility and convenience through its 3-key keypad and compatibility with more types of encoders.

The series also allows for synchronous and asynchronous controls to be easily switched through parameter settings, and supports parallel connections with increased reliability.

Compared with the NICE 3000 series, the Monarch NICE 3000+ series has the following advantages:

  1. The 3000+ series integrates all non-standard protocols of the 3000 series.
  2. Factory parameters can be customized automatically through the LCD operator.
  3. Supports the LCD operator, making the debugging process more intuitive and convenient.
  4. Multiple password protection.
  5. Increased high-voltage detection points.
  6. Functions implemented by the 3-key keypad are more versatile.
  7. Synchronous and asynchronous controls are no longer distinguished by model. Synchronous and asynchronous controls can be switched through parameter settings.
  8. Supports more types of encoders.
  9. Supports synchronous machine static tuning, open-loop low-speed operation, and angle-free self-learning.
  10. Software flashing is more convenient and does not require the machine to be disassembled.
  11. With dedicated software in the background, low-level drive data can be observed in real time.
  12. Function codes for external input and output can be freely set.
  13. External call address setting checks can automatically display the address set by the external call board.
  14. Compatible with the parallel connection method of the 3000 series, increasing communication for parallel connection and making it more reliable.

Overall, the Monarch NICE 3000+ series provides a range of advancements and upgrades that enhance its functionality and make it a superior choice for various applications.


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